Lodi, New Jersey

I have a "knocking noise" in the front end of my 2011 Acura MDX (original owner). It sounds horrible when driven over even small bumps.

I brought the car back to the dealer I purchased from (Bay Shore Acura, NY), they idenified it as a "bad strut" and replaced it. 2 days without the car. Brought car home, no improvement, in fact it was worse. Brought it back to dealer.

"Oh we installed the strut wrong we need to adjust it". Another day without the car. Pick it up, no improvement. So, I do some research online and learn about the need to replace Sway Bar Bushings.

Frustrated with the original dealer, I bring the car to another Acura dealer (Wantagh Acura, 20 miles away) and tell them about the sway bar bushings. They say, "Oh no that's not the problem, that other dealer replaced the wrong strut, we'll replace the right one". Another day without the car. Bring home, still no improvements.

All of the above was under warranty, so no out of pocket, but what a pain and incovenience. I called Acura Extended Warranty company and explain that I want to use an independent shop. "No problem, you're covered". I bring car to my independent shop - they replace sway bar bushings and behold problem solved!

So I think. Now Acura Extended Warranty says "Oh, we're not going to reimburse you the full amount, his rates were higher than what we would normally pay". What? No mention of that before?

BTW, the rates were very reasonable ($330 for 3 hrs labor, parts and tax), and much cheaper than each of the 3 visits to Acura dealerships to replace struts that apparently didn't need to be replaced! Completely unhappy so I've decided to sell it and go back to my Lexus!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acura Car.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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