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Well Written. Has Acura contacted you about your post?

My Acura TL AWD is a 2012 purchased 2-1/2 yrs ago.

About 1 yr ago, the Tire Pressure warning started going off. It annoyed me. Why should 1/2 psi make this warning go off? I finally filled the tires with an old time manual gauge. I drove away & guess what, I got the same warning again. I fill the tires & they are OK. A few months later, the same warning. I cursed the car again. I finally stopped & repeated the previous process, except it worked the 1st time. This has been going off periodically since then.

Probably about 6 months ago, I started getting the battery warning - check battery. I called the Dealership & they said to keep driving & it would probably be OK. I did. A few months later, the same warning. I cursed the car again. I finally stopped & repeated the previous process, except it worked the 1st time. This has been going off periodically since then.

Then the change battery warning went off, I called the dealer. Probably OK, but you should bring the car in. 2 wks. ago, I get the same warning, called the dealership & cursed again. However, I was flying out in a few days, so I made my appointment & drove over 1 hr. to go to the dealership.

Are you seeing a pattern??????

I get to the Dealership and what do you do while waiting for service, go to where they sell new cars and look at new cars???????

I won't tell you how they changed the TL to a TL X nameplate - someone else can do that.

I go sit in a 2014 of my car. Brand new model change. The Salesman comes up. Luckily, he didn't call me girl or Little Lady. He didn't call me anything that I remember - which is better than insulting me.

From lots of bad previous experience, I knew he thought I didn't know anything about cars. I knew he would never suspect that I was an Engineer, nor suspect that I worked for one of the old Big 3 auto companies.

(I may tell you which one, once I look at your negative comment about your Acura. I don't want them to find out who I am & call me or worse.)

So, the poor Salesman who has been thoroughly trained by Acura answers my questions. I don't remember the 1st 1, but it was easy. Probably what's new & different from this car to my car in the shop! You can guess his naive *** answer.

Now gentleman out there, You may not be able to guess this because you have never been treated this way while looking at a new car. So, ask you wife, sister, mother, significant other, they can tell you.

(I bought my 1st new car when I was 18 - how do you think they treated me????)

So again, I kept asking him more detailed questions & got back more *** answers. On & on the pattern is repeated. I'm sure he was glad to see the service person come get me to tell me the good news that nothing was wrong with my car - surprise, surprise!!!!!!

(Now I got the service person & not the Service Manager - why do you think that was???????)

I tell this totally unsuspecting service person that I felt bad for the Salesman; he didn't know that I had been an Executive for 20 yrs at one of the Detroit Auto Companies.

That is when it got real interesting, he told me it took a long time for them to find this out?????First, do I leave my keys in the car??? Of course not - that would be ***. Make sure you don't. I probably told him I was from Detroit & well trained at not doing such a ""stuck on ***"" thing.

Next - this was good & I probably swore after I heard it.

You have to lock your car. Of course I do (remember Detroit) - even in the garage.

IN THE GARAGE??????????????IN MY LOCKED GARAGE?????????????WHY WOULD I WANT TO DO THAT?????????????????????

Then he says, it took us a long time to determine this/???????????????????????????

Honda/Acura used to be the most respected car company around the world.

WHY????? WHY???? WHY???

Product or Service Mentioned: Acura Car.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $9999.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Acura Cons: Warnings trying to get me to buy.

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