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I have recently purchased a used Acura from the McGrath dealership in Westmont IL. The car salesman named Frank E. was very rude and unhelpful when he found out that I will require financing APR quotes before I come in to look at the vehicle. When I finally went in, Frank was basically rushing me through the process and when I have found issues with the headlight (cracked), he mentioned that he will repair it. I suggested that the headlights should be REPLACED instead because it was cracked and there is no way he can fix it. He sounded very defensive and just said "don't worry alright, i'll take care of it." I did not think it sounded convincing until he put that down in black and white on the form for maintenance. Then he gave me bad attitude by taking the form away from me and said "hey hey, don't worry alright. I'll take care of it."

I do not feel assured that he will actually replace it because he did not leave me room to negotiate to him and he kept sounding very defensive. I personally thought it sounded very "shady".

Then when I finally called to schedule my car to have these promised maintenance performed, Frank sounded very uninterested to help. Sure I understand that he does not get commissioned for fixing my car now that he has made a sale. But I think it is still part of customer service and he should not have given me attitude about not being able to take the car in during the times he has suggested. There is a reason why the dealership is opened until 9pm. It is for people who have jobs and are only able to take their cars in after work. However, when I mentioned I can only take the car in at 6pm, Frank sounded annoyed and said "No no no. You won't get it in then." He sounded as if he was demanding a time change. When I explained my schedule, he simply ignored my concern and told me he will call me back. I have then waited for 3 hours and no one has gotten back to me.

I understand that I need to schedule a time to have my car serviced. However, I do not appreciate that Frank was giving me attitude for not being able to make the times best for him. I also think that I should be served the same as a customer of the company whether I am buying a car or servicing one.

I am very unhappy with the way I was treated and I will not recommend any of my friends to make their purchases at this Acura dealership because once you have paid for your vehicle, they treat you like you are taking up their precious time. If you have to go to this dealership, please be sure not to buy the car from this salesman named Frank E. He is very unprofessional and he also lied about the financing rate while I was getting the quote from him. He mentioned 6.9% to me but it was really 10% when I went in to get the financing done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acura Car.

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We went to Acura McGrath today and I had the worst customer service experience of my life. Not only did we drive 5 hours

To look at a specific car but this car was sold the morning we got there before we arrived.

No one bothered to call and tell us anything knowing

That we were coming 5 hours to see this car. They were then rude and standoffish, the general manager and the sales manager included. They sell so many cars here they care nothing about providing customer service. I was so upset about all these things that I refused to spend my money there and drove the 5 hrs back home.

The cars themselves are all "Acura certified" but I find it hard to believe this is credible.

I would not reccomend anyone going to this dealership if they care about Customer service and overall general respect for fellow mankind. Like I said this was the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life.


I brought my Honda SI in for service that i bought from them because my clutch is making a clicking noise. Honda told me that it was the clutch master cylinder and i remembered that I had a 3 month warranty with acura so i brought it in.

It took a whole day for them to tell me that it was something else and that it was fixed. As soon as i drove off the lot it was making the same noise so i brought it back. they told me that the clicking noise was normal which is a lie, and they eventually agreed that it is the master cylinder and that it is not on the warranty and i would have to pay full price.

They are the worst, when i bought my vehicle the salesman was a *** and i complained and worked with someone else. I will never buy from them again.


the above complaint is not entirely true and written out of frustration. Please note that the content of the above complaint should not affect your choice of dealership and salesman while considering purchase of an Acura.

i am very happy with my purchase and i believe my car is being fixed as promised and will be returned promptly to me in great condition.


Will definitely be on the look out for him when buying