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Got yell “Get out” five times in Thomas Acura by a Client Advisors which is not deserved as a potential customer

To whom it may concern:

My name is Kai Yip Tam. I am interested in leasing an Acura TSX. I had a really bad experience in negotiating a deal with a client advisor in Thomas Acura today Jan 31, 2008. I can say this is the worst experience in my entire life. My wife wants to lease an Acura TSX because 3 of our friends have TSX and they all said that it is a reliable car and the Brand name Acura is worthy to trust because they provide excellent services.

On Jan 28, 2008, I came to the dealership, Thomas Acura, Me and my wife meet the salesman Mr. Kao. He is a really nice person, with patient and polite. We arrived at the dealership at night around 8pm. We tested drive the TSX and sit down with Mr. Kao and negotiated the deal in leasing the TSX. At first, the price that he gave me is $310/month, $2000 down, 36 months term, and 15K per year and which I cannot accept because of our budget. When we were trying to leave, the Client Advisor, Mr. Chang came into the room and spoke with me with a little bit of attitude. He asked me how can he earn my deal, and I told him about my budget with is $500 down and $300/month. Then he was so rude to ask me why don’t I go lease a Honda Accord. At this moment, I feel I so insulted and I had to tell him that I already leasing a Mercedes Benz SLK 280 to let him know that I do have the money and as a consumer, we always look for a cheaper price. At last, he slashed the price to $298/month. After I made a phone call to my friend and still believe that we cannot accept the deal at this moment. I asked the client advisor to lower the down payment to $1000 and keep the monthly payment the same to see if he can do the deal. But he turned down my offer and asked us to shop around to see if we can find a better deal. At the end we decided to walk away because we have to do some calculations, plus we have to wait for my other friend who also wants to lease a TSX to see if he would like to get the same deal at the same time. Before we leave, I talk to Mr. Kao and tell him that we going to call him on Wednesday, Jan 30, 2008.

On Jan 29, 2008, the salesman Mr. Kao call me and ask me if we still want the deal, I offered him $1300 down and with the same leasing payment but he said that the deal stand still. I told him that I need some more time to think about it.

At last, today, Jan 31, 2008, I called Mr. Kao, and he said that he cannot do anything about the deal because that is the lowest they can do. So I confirmed with him that the monthly lease payment is $298 for 35 months with $2000 down which the $2000 already included the first month lease and the lease is for 15K miles per year. I made an appointment with him around 8:30pm and I also tell him that my friend would like to get the same thing, which is Black exterior, Black interior with Navigation system and to see if they have two cars like that. Mr. Kao confirm me that they have the cars and is ready to drive off tonight after we signed the paperwork. So I call my friend, which by the way who is working in Sacramento took a whole Friday day off and fly down to get the car because of the deal.

When we arrive, Mr. Kao get my driver license and my mother-in-law driver license to make a copy. Then he brought out the credit check paperwork for us to sign. I already check my credit score which is 644 and I know I do not qualify for a Tier 1 leasing option, so I brought my mother-in-law to co-sign the lease because she had 882 score on her credit report that we checked at the same time. At this moment, I still have in mind that the deal is what we agreed as we speak on the phone. After we sign the credit check paperwork, my friend arrived from the airport. Mr. Kao ran our credit, he came in and told us that the deal is going to be $310/month, for 35 months, 15K miles per year and $2000 down, which I was shocked by the way. Then I said this is not the deal we agree over the phone and why the deal is different. Mr. Kao told me that is the Client Advisors, Mr. Chang wants a little more tonight.

This sound totally ridiculous to me because this is not a credit problem or the leasing program had changed. This is the reason of the Client Advisor, Mr. Chang want a little more in order to sell the car. Then I told Mr. Kao that we were going to leave if he cannot do the same deal as we agreed on the phone. As we were standing up, Mr. Kao asked us to wait and see what he can do. . He came back saying that the best the Client Advisor can do is $305/month, which by the way is totally unacceptable. Again, we stand up and about to leave. Mr. Kao ask Mr. Chang to deal with us. When Mr. Chang came, I asked him that if he still can do the deal for $298/month, and he said that the deal is for Monday night only. Well what can I said, we tell him that if he cannot do the deal we are going to walk away. Then Mr. Chang said that he cannot do the deal and storm out of the room very impolitely. He showed that he did not want to do business at all by his attitude. Mr. Kao asked us to stay one more time and since he is a really nice person, very patient, and provide excellent services, we agree to stay one last time. He went out and talked to Mr. Chang for about 10 minutes, we cannot wait anymore and decided to go because Mr. showed no interest in selling two cars to us in the previous deal. As we walk to the room and trying to say goodbye to Mr. Kao, he came out and trying to explain to us that why today’s deal is like that, I told him that we were going to leave because they cannot honor their deal. This is okay to me because I can wait for couple more months. I told Mr. Kao that I really want him to do the two businesses today but the Client Advisors does not seem to help you at all and it is really sad that you have to work with him.

At this moment, The Client Advisor Mr. Chang went like crazy, start yelling “Get out”, “Get out”. I told Mr. Chang that with your attitude like this, we definitely would not do business with you. And I ask for his card immediately and get all of our signed documents back. He is so rude, and throwing the paperwork and his business card at my wife and keep yelling “Get out”. This is so amazing that he chases us out and yelled “Get out” again. I said how come you can provide this kind of services to a customer. We are about at the door and he again shouted “Get out” one more time and slammed close the door. We are so upset by his action and his attitude and there were nothing we can do but leave the dealership.

Here is the complaint. First of all, I did not go any lower on the deal that he gave us and agree to come and signed. Also we agreed about the deal over the phone, then the Client Advisors Mr. Change decide to raise the price on the deal, not because of credit problem or the change of the leasing program, but on his own will. This is not an action of employee who representing an honest company will do. Even though, Mr. Kao, the salesman believed that is the deal. Secondly, the salesman, also think that he can provide the deal of $298 per month and he went to run our credit. If they cannot provide the deal that we were expected and agreed on the phone, how come they still ran our credit score? Our credit score got checked for nothing but yelling at the end and this may affect our credit score. Thirdly, my friend was all the way flying from Sacramento and had Friday off so that he can get the TSX, but now, he paid for the price of the flight ticket and the opportunity cost for the whole Friday wages and get nothing but again the brutal treatment of yelling. Lastly, I am a businessman, I have my own company. This is okay that if we cannot do business because we cannot agree on price, but this is NO WAY we get the ATTITUDE and the YELLING!!!

**Note: we have five people saw the yelling, even though Mr. Kao and a Hispanic guy who is working in Thomas Acura and he was the person who responsible to tie the chain to block the entrance of the dealership can be the witnesses of the yelling incident.

Mr. Kao is a very nice salesman, very patient and polite. During the negotiation, no matter is face to face, or over the phone, I feeling the treatment as a person. But at end, the yelling from Mr. Chang gave me the feeling of insult, unreasonable, looked down, and not treated as a potential customer, or even a person.

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you insulted the staff ("it is really sad that you have to work...") and wasted multiple days of their time over $6 bucks a month and you think they are the bad guy? what a joke. you sir, are an ***.


do you negotiate when buying a cup of coffee at starbucks? You said you are a business person, based on what you wrote, your negotiation skills are much lacking. I almost fell off my chair laughing whan you walk out for $7 a month.


that was actually a good deal for 15,000 miles a year. :?


So you gave up the deal over $6? Just so you're aware, they also need to run your credit to give you a loan. The bank/financial institution requires it to process the loan.