Miami, Florida

Went to buy a car from Miami Acura in Miami, Florida. Dealt with salesman named Felix Rivera who tried high pressure sales tactics and tried to convince me to pay him $500 in cash to get me financed!

Checked him out to find out he was Dishornably Discharged from the US Army for conduct against his country and is also a convicted felon! Don't buy a car from Felix Rivera of Miami Acura!

this happened in September 2011. He also tried to call me over and over at my home at all hours and insisted I give him cash on the side to get financed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acura Car.

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not sure who felix is or if he evern works there. but my wife's experience at tehis dealership was professional and no pressure. would very much recommend them.


Unfortunatly they have Miami Acura confused. Felix works at Acura of Pembroke Pines. Not at Miami Acura


Hi Jim did you not read the name of this site? It's called "Pissed Customer" LoL!

I have been a customer of Miami Acura since 1989 and have been happy with them up until recently. The Service Department at Miami Acura ripped me off and when I called them on it they talked in circles using technical terms and then went silent. The Miami Acura Service department has scammers working for them! I understand that the economy is bad but do you really need to resort to stealing from your customers to make your commissions. Do you not see that this will cannibalize your business and you will have nobody to steal from because your customers will GO AWAY! Just like me.

Flat out the reason I am writing this long response about Miami Acura and it's scammer service department is because they keep calling me to sell me a cheap oil change and when I tell them that I am not happy with them they say "Our manager will call you to discuss". Nobody from Miami Acura calls me back. Do you know why?...Because they know that they scammed me and ripped me off, that's why.

Miami Acura and it's service department are total thieves and they know it.

I am not someone who just flames people for no reason, but I will post bad comments about thm online if they STEAL from me. Miami Acura's Service department are total scammers so I would go to an independent Acura service department to have your car worked on if you are considering going to Miami Acura for Service.

Miami Acura's Service department are thieves, scammers, cons and will try to steal from you.

Love you Miami Acura! Keep stealing from people and I'll see you in the food stamp line.


 I'm sure the host of this site did not set it up for the purpose of personal vendetta.  I have been a very happy customer of Miami Acura and it's staff for many years and I have had the pleasure recently of meeting Felix.

I was appalled to hear this comment was left on here. I don't know of felix's past military history but I found him to be a pleasant gentlemen.