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Leased an Acura, 2 weeks ago it happens to have a broken fuel gauge. As me and my wife shared the car, we both assumed the other was fueling the car.

Eventually it ran out of fuel and died, have taken it to two dealers and their solution is to set a reminder to fuel it every 200 miles, as they don’t have the pieces to fix it and won’t have them for a while. Try calling customer service and explain them that you want a fully functional car, Impossible. Acura client relations are totally useless.

Ohh also road assistance is a pain, you need to be on hold for at least 20 minutes, wether you have an emergency or not. They brand themselves as premium but are by far the worst at customer service, in comparison to other vehicles I’ve had like VW, Ford or even Fiat.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2018 Acura Ilx Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Mine had the same problem. The dealership changed the instrument cluster.


You're mad at Acura. I'm mad at Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler Corp.

-- I think I'll check around the neighborhood and see who is mad at whom, just for fun. Although I don't like to brag, my troubles with M-B and C.C. were far worse than a gas gauge. Ford did AOK for me but the dealership as annoying.

Chevrolet performed an $800 (1994 dollars) out of warranty service for free ; yes, free - it was a Corvette newly liberated from winter storage (when the warranty expired) but they were pleased that I stored the car all winter "like many of our Corvette owners" ...

M-B sold me $77,000 junk and C.C. tried to steal $8,000 but failed.