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As a way of introduction, I have been an Acura customer for the past 20 years, I have leased 5 vehicles to date from Acura. My communication today is to relay a tale of the most harrowing, appalling, and shocking behavior which I was subjected to on March 17, 2018 while visiting the Acura Center in Van Nuys, California.

My initial point of contact was Gabby, customer loyalty specialist. Gabby and I had been in contact prior to my visit. She had contacted me to offer incentives for turning in the vehicle 3 months prior to lease maturity date. I had informed her I was undergoing treatment for a health condition and that one of the conditions of my treatment was that I was not to be subjected to any undue level of stress. She stated that I would not be subjected to any level of stress during my visit. She assured me that she would personally assist me and that I would not have to deal with any sales people whatsoever. I agreed to come to the dealership under that condition.

My visit started at the Acura Center at 3:45pm on March 17, 2018. Gabby

came out to greet me as agreed and with the assistance of a salesman by the name of Richard Samaco I test drove 2 vehicles. By 430pm my decision was made. I decided to lease a 2018 TLX with a tech package. Gabby worked the numbers out and by 5pm we had a deal. She suggested that my husband and I go get something to eat while finance worked on my contract. She stated that it would take approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and half for my paperwork to be ready to execute. My husband and I declined the offer to leave the premises and proceeded to wait in the customer lounge. At 644pm Gabby came into to the lounge and informed us that she had to leave for the day, but that our paperwork was almost done and that we should be good to go in another 15 minutes. She referred to Richard Samaco as my point of contact and requested that if I had any questions to go to him.

We waited patiently for someone to come for more than an hour. At 830pm I found Mr. Samaco and asked him what the delay was. His response to me was “there is a new guy in finance, he is very slow and doesn’t know that he is doing,” at which point I asked him how much longer we had to wait. He simply said, “I am not sure”. We waited for another 30 mins, after that time I sought the manager out, a man by the name of Arman Boghozian. When I found Mr. Boghozian, he was in his office at which time I asked if I could have a word with him. Before I could even get a word out Mr. Boghozian raised his hand up and simply stated, “I know what you are going to say, I know it is taking too long, but we only have 1 person in finance and we are doing the best we can”. I proceeded to explain to him that my concern was not only because we had been waiting for almost 4 hours at that time but that I also had medication that I needed to take which was at home. His response to me was “We have other customers that are waiting since 1pm, there is also an elderly couple that has been here the same amount of time you have”, to which I responded those were not justifiable reasons as to why I was being made to wait for almost 4 and half hours when I was promised that I would only need to wait 1 hour to 1 ½ hour at the most. Mr. Boghozian’s response to my statement was uncalled for to say the least, he slammed his fist on his desk, raised his voice and said: “I AM DOING YOU A FAVOR, BY FINANCING YOU AT A 580 CREDIT SCORE, I AM TAKING A HUGE RISK,”, followed by “of course I am not saying that you should be made to wait for that reason”.

I cannot begin to convey the myriad of thoughts and reactions that raced through my mind after hearing Mr. Boghozian’s outburst. But my immediate concern was to get out of his office and get to safety because I immediately became frightened by this show of rage in him. I was immediately concerned for my personal and physical safety. I only had the presence of mind to ask him for his business card and to simply state, “I am done speaking with you”. I was visibly shaken at this time and decided to just leave and forget about making the deal. I went to go look for my husband and sat down for a minute to actually try and calm down for a minute. Not 10 minutes had passed when Mr. Boghozian came out of his office and sought me out, he leaned over to where I was sitting in a couch in the lobby and said the following “I would like to work this out, can I offer you a free oil change?”, I was still visibly shaking from the scare he had given me earlier, and literally was in fear of him, all I could manage to say to him was “please remove yourself from here”, Mr. Boghozian’s response was “this is my dealer”, to which I responded, “It doesn’t mean I need to speak with you”, his response to my reply was to menacingly get up from the crouching position and stomp off.

At that time Mark (finance guy) came out of his office and inquired as to what was going on. I told him my name and that I was waiting to sign the contract. He said he was there alone with no help, and that he had been there all day my response to him was, “you have been here all day, but this is your job, you are getting paid for it”, his response to me saying that was, “I better be getting paid, I worked my *** off all day”. After, that he said that my paperwork was ready but that there were 2 people in front of me, but I believe that after seeing how shaken up I was he ushered us into his office and proceeded to start the lease signing process. The process took a total of 15 minutes, during which I relayed my terrorific episode with Mr. Boghozian, after hearing what had transpired he said 2 things to me, first: “I’d be so pissed if someone said that to me”, and second he said: “let me handle it I will speak to my Raul, my general manager, don’t do anything leave it in my hands”. His last remark to me was please do not let what happened with Mr. Boghozian, affect your review of my performance. Please give me a good review when you get the call to complete the survey. The same thing was said by the salesman Mr. Samaco please don’t let what happened affect your comments on the survey for me.

I have written this communication describing the horrific and inexcusable behavior of all the Acura Center personnel in hopes that their behavior is addressed as it is appalling. Furthermore, I believe Mr. Boghozian needs to be examined and evaluated for anger issues. His profile needs to reflect his outburst and possibly prevent an act of violence in the future. Mr. Boghozian needs to be stopped and prevented from dealing with the public immediately. Measures need to be put in place to avoid a tragedy caused by this man, based on his actions and demeanor Mr. Boghozian is

full of rage just like a bomb ready to explode.

For the record my ordeal ended at 945pm almost 6 hours after it started. I for one DO NOT plan to ever set foot at that dealership as long as he is employed there as I fear for my safety. And I am not planning on continuing to be an Acura Customer anymore either.

My next step is the file a formal complaint with the California Better Business Bureau.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acura Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Acura Cons: Never again, Violent manager, Disrespectful, Bad customer service, Terrible customer service.

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