Columbus, Ohio

You are throwing your money away if you buy an Acura. I made the mistake of buying two, (different models) within a weeks time. I have had trouble with both ever since.

Both have had the transmission rebuilt. One of them twice. The one that was done twice, the first time was buy the dealership. The second was done by another company and used aftermarket parts to prevent the problem from coming back. Both vehicles were shifting gears at random times, and inconsistantly. Sometimes they would shift through gears very quickly, and the cars would race down the street. Others they would shift through gears very slowly, causing the engine to rev high into the 5,ooo RPM zone.

Acura dealerships are unable to diagnose, and therefore FIX any problem your car has, unless your car gives them a "code" from the computer.

I've had the cars in for other problems, and they were given back the same way, with the reason of "we were unable to reproduce the problem."

I have a stack of reciepts that show the maintenance and repairs that I have had done to both cars.

I will never buy another Acura, or Honda again. You should spend your money with a car company that at the very least, can fix what they sell!

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Monetary Loss: $56.

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