Las Vegas, Nevada
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DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Acura claims it will get 20/24/30 mpg.

LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get 15/19/24.. Acura customer relations is a big fat joke. Those are estimates depending on many factors- CROCK OF ***!!!!

I drive the speed limit, I use premium gas and have one person in the car yet I get worse than my V8 I got rid of do lease this piece of..... Run from that Acura dealership and buy a Hyundai. My V8 got better mileage than this *** car. This car is $62,000 and if I could give it away I would.

I bought it because of the mileage claims and now I am stuck in a 3 year lease and Acura customer relations could care less.

Last Acura I will ever own., If it was free I would laugh in the salesmans face. Yes, I told them I was going to post very negative things and he could have cared less.

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