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Acura of Springfield Missouri is full of dishonest people. I am a forty-six year old woman and On December 17th I brought my Acura to the Acura of Springfield because it was shifting rough and kicking the rpm's into the red zone! I was worried it might be the tranmission.Acura of Springfield told me I had no transmission problems and replaced my motor mounts and the cost would be $600.00.I drove my MDX for three weeks and guess what, my engine light came on. Now I have a trashed MDX, not only is my transmission ruined, my engine has possible damage due to Acura of Springfields careless mistakes!With the start of a shifting problem on Dec 18th I called the Acura dealership of Springfield and I spoke to Kirby a mechanic salesperson for the dealership.Kirby advised me to bring my Acura MDX only to an Acura dealership mechanic, because they had the only trained mechanics to work on Acura. Kirby expressed to me that Acura of Springfield mechanics were specially trained and any other mechanic did not have the proper tools or experience to work on an Acura. Kirby actually scared me with stories of untrained mechanics and the damage they have done to Acura vehicles.I went to the Acura dealership of Springfield Missouri and waited in the lobby. The mother of the mechanic was in the lobby assuring me her son was an excellent mechanic! The mechanic rep explained that I needed new motor mounts and a transmission flush. I asked the service rep if my transmission oil looked dirty or old. He said it did not look old but he did not know what kind of oil the transmission had in it, and therefore advised they drain it and put the right kind of oil in it. He offered a loaner car for a couple of days while the work was being done on my car. I said okay and transferred all of my belongings out of my Acura MDX into the loaner car.I was still worried about my transmission and asked the service rep about the rpms being kicked up into the red zone when the SUV shifted, his response was that is the way Acura SUV's shifted. I did not think this was the right answer so I asked him again if he was sure it was motor mounts instead of a torque problem/shifting problem. The mechanic rep/sales person became very annoyed at my question. I did not think this was a transmission flush or motor mount job, it did not make sense with the rpms kicking way up when shifting. I asked for my transmission to be looked at and tested. The mechanic rep/salesman refused again to listen about my transmission problem. I told the service representative that I did not feel comfortable about this diagnosis and the service rep told me to remove my belongings from the loaner car. I did and the mechanic questioned me because I had just put all the stuff in the car. I said the mechanic rep changed his mind about the loaner car when I second guessed the repairs my MDX needed.I left the shop and called the service director Wayne Sheets of the Acura of Springfield. Mr Sheets immediately apologized for the behavior of the service rep and said he had been told by the mechanic about the problem. Wayne Sheets said he did not want me leaving so dissatisfied with the experience I had with Acura of Springfield. Mr Sheets asked if he could meet me with a loaner car and bring back my MDX to the shop. I said no. Wayne Sheet offered to drive to Branson, the city where I live and pick up my MDX himself. I refused at the offer time and now wish I would of taken my MDX to a transmission specialist.The very next day Dec 18, I received a call from Mr. Sheets with the offer to come and get my MDX and have it inspected again. He said he would throw in a free transmission flush if I agreed. I explicitly went over what my MDX was doing when shifting. Wayne agreed to look into this problem. I agreed to have someone come from Acura of Springfield (45 miles way) and pick up my MDX.I received a call the same day from Wayne Sheet who insured me 100% this was not a transmission problem and it was only front left and right motor mounts. Wayne told me my entire engine was moving when shifting because of the broken motor mounts therefore causing it to shift rough!I agreed to have Acura of Springfield replace my motor mounts.When my MDX was returned to me it was still shifting into the high Rpms the same way it did before I brought it into the shop ! I called Acura of Springfield and was told by Kirby that is how Acura MDX's shift.

Three weeks later my engine light came on and guess what I have tranmission problems. Now the transmission is worse because I kept driving on it! I also have possible engine damage. Now Acura of Sringfield will not accept any responsibility and want to charge me $4300.00 to fix my transmission.Acura of Springfield will not even open the case to the transmission they just want to replace the entire transmission!Wayne Sheet Service director of Acura of Spring offered six hundred off of the transmission repair because he failed to diagnosis the problem the first time.I was told by Acura that driving on my failing transmission would not effect my motor. I have expert testimonials that it will. I have expert testimonials that say the Acura mechanics should of done further testing on my transmission when I stated it was kicking up into the higher RPMs when shifting! The computer code that is being issued is a TCC solenoid. This is a five hundred dollar job.I tried to get Acura Corporate located in California involved. They opened a case and before noon of that day Wayne Sheets called me back and stating his boss from Chicago closed the case. One day later Acura of Springfield is saying because I involved the corporate headquarters of Acura that they will have to install a new Computer for my MDX (a long with a transmission) which is $1000.00 more!Acura of Springfield carelessly misdiagnosed my transmission problem, when I walked away from the dealership and refused service they chased me down to my hometown and told me it was a far different problem than it actually was causing far more damage to my Acura MDX! I have a totally ruined Acura MDX due to Acura of Springfield.Corporate Headquarters for Acura in California told me that Acura of Springfield was independently operated, owned and I should get a lawyer and sue the dealership!

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When you take your vehicle in for repair, you and the technician or service advisor need to be able to duplicate the problem. That is the first step in diagnosis.

Many people confuse shift complaints with engine mount problems. Front and side engine mount problems are very common on V6 Honda and Acura models. Unable to verify your shift complaints, and without you duplicating the problem for them, they were left with telling you what problem your veh. has and they can visibly see.

Honda/Acura has a warranty remanufacturing program. It is very rare for a technician to teardown and repair a Honda/Acura transmission. I have seen countless times when a customer chooses to have the trans repaired at a "Transmission Specialist" and a couple of months later they are back in our shop to get a reman. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO A TRANS REPAIR SHOP FOR A HONDA/ACURA!

Engine damage for this vehicle due to a trans problem is unheard of!!!!Get your facts straight before slanderizing a good company on the internet! You do have one option, check on putting in a used salvage unit. I've done this many times without problems. I'm sorry you have problems with your vehicle, but you have to understand, they didn't cause your problem!

It sucks your check engine light didn't come on until 3 weeks later.

Had it come on sooner, you wouldn't be out the transmission service cost, they would have known you had trans problems without having to duplicate the symptom. Regardless of when the light came on, you still would need a transmission (not a TCC solenoid repair).