Pleasanton, California

I own a 2013 Acura MDX, bought on Dec 17 2013, the car was making some noises that was coming from the engine on 2/13/13, i got it towed to the dealership. 2 days later i received a call telling me that the engine needs to be replaced and that the cost would be out of my pocket, $10,480.

The said that the engine was at one point deprived of oil and it caused engine failure. I don't understand how a brand new car can be deprived of oil, and how they can automatically point the finger at me. They aren't telling me how this could've happened other than saying I should've done regular service to it. Well the car is only 5600 miles, what service would possibly be needed?

I did an oil change at 5000 miles, and the oil level was perfectly fine. I called Acura corporate and they also said that they stand behind the dealers decision and would not send out anyone to check the legitimacy of the claims made by the dealer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acura Car.

Monetary Loss: $10480.

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I am having a similar issue with my 2011 RDX. Engine exploded and I service it regularly, not through Acura.

They are claiming it is my negligence even though it is under warranty. They have had my vehicle since Monday and will not even order a new engine until I pay $7900 up front. It is under warranty... They are just looking for excuses.

I have never received such poor costumer service. Be advised to never take your car to McDaniels Acura in charleston South Carolina.


Sounds like whomever changed your oil did not tighten either the oil plug or the filter. I always do my own oil changes, so I can only blame myself if this were to happen.

However, you might want to check the floor where you park your car and see if there is an oil stain, etc. The fact that the car worked fine for the first 5000 miles indicates the problem happened because of the oil change. Not sure what you can do about it, but you might want to speak to an attorney and perhaps try to hold the place that changed your oil liable.

As a note to others who have someone else change their oil: you absolutely must check to see if they tightened the plug and the filter after you get the oil changed.

You can scoot under the vehicle without jacking it up to use your fingers to see if either is loose. Just remember who these places hires as "mechanics."