Delray Beach, Florida

Within the first two weeks of owning this car the headliner began to rattle. The dealer replaced it and it continued to rattle.

The dealer will do nothing else to fix it. Now the car is 1 1/2 years old and the windows rattle, the navigation system has a rattle in it and the steering wheel not grinds when you turn it. The car has been to two dealers and neither one has shown any desire to repair it. The dealers are a joke.

Even HOnda when pressured made very little effort to repair the car. Now I just drive around with all my rattles and play the radio which actually does work as loud as I can stand it. Oh and did I mention the card average $14 miles per gallon way under what they claim. YOu have to be nuts to buy any Acura product and I feel sorry for anyone who has.

All this for $50,000. Should have bought a chevrolet for all this ***.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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alq - maybe if it was a's a $50k car.


Oh my you have rattles. Big deal , learn to live with it!