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Purchased a NEW 3.2 TL here in Michigan in 2002. Love the vehicle and it is in showroom condition...Only have 78K miles on it to date.Took it to the dealer on 7/9/14 for routine preventative maintenance(78,129 miles)...trans flush(prior done at 40K)..belts/hoses and timing belt(to get to it before 100K mark)...cost 1,445.00...roughly 2 months later 9/9/14 engine light with TCS light flashing...(78,808 miles now)...long story short...

lost compression in a cylinder and leakdown testing showed it was over manufacturer spec(10% allowed...mine was 17% I believe)dealer says valve(s) were burnt and had carbon buildup...head recondition/labor 2,900 less 500.00 as dealer consideration!!!...While this vehicle is not run HARD by any stretch of the is treated well with the plan to have it run for 150-200K as is reported to be workable to Hondas reputation of building quality motors...Dealer says their prior work with timing belt had NOTHING to do with this valve is an owner driving issue..REALLY??? he said it should be run harder from time to time to burn off the carbon deposits!!

I do some highway driving at 75-80 MPH for anywhere from an hour to 10hours at a stretch driving back east..alsoI dump some seafoam in the gas tank a few times a year to help "clean" the internal parts of the motor...soooo I am now out over 3,800 dollars total in the last month on a Acura with less than 80K miles....Right now I am soo miffed that I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANY HONDA OR ACURA in the future...other brands will get my money and not Honda...Has ANYTHING like this happened to anyone else out there???? JK

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Acura TL valve issue
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